Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Human War, by Noah Cicero

Noah Cicero is a writer living in Youngstown, Ohio.

He is the author of over five books, including The Human War (Fugue State Press, 2003) and The Insurgent (Blatt, 2010). He has been published widely online and in print. He works at Red Lobster.

"A terse, polemical and often violent book that follows Mark, a disaffected American everyman, through the trailer parks, bedrooms, dive bars and strip joints of humdrum Youngstown, Ohio during the final two hours leading up to the dawn of America's supposed 'War on Terror.'... America's finest literary pariah? You bet"--Dazed & Confused. "This alarmingly well written book is a new voice that has rankled more than enough people back home in America. This vitriolic stance against Bush, God and War is just the book we should be reading in today's climate"--Scarecrow.

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